Old Botner Cemetery









Old Ben Botner Farm

Now Price Family Farm

Travellers Rest


Transcribed by:

Glenna V. Burton

& Judy V. Spencer




Nov. 10, 2006









Minnie Caudill Minter

Feb. 16 1881

Mar. 31,


1st wife of William P. Minter, dau. of Alfred and Jane Simpson Caudill.


W. P. Minter

Oct. 17, 1875

Mar. 15 1953

Husband of Minnie Caudill and Emma Brewer, son of Charles E. & Elizabeth Botner Minter.


Emma Brewer



2nd wife of William P. Minter, Dau. of  John C. and Nancy Ann Venable Brewer.


Margaret Botner

April 2, 1847

July 14 1934

2nd   Wife of Benjamin  F. Botner, dau.  of  James and Polly McGuire Patrick.


Benjamin F. Botner

Mar. 16, 1888

Nov. 28 1927

Husband of Margaret Botner, son of James and Elizabeth Nunely Botner, Union Army Co. A, 7th Inf. He has both a family & military stone.


Allibert Botner

April 10,  1879

Mar. 9 1911

Wife of Robert (Boss) Botner,  Dau. of Jane and Jackie Smith (b. in Lee Co.) (died of T.B.)


Robert (Boss) Botner

April 10, 1879

Jan. 31, 1911

Husband of Allibert Smith Botner, Son of Margaret and Benjamin Botner  (d. of T. B.)


Vivia Botner

May 16, 1876

Oct. 24, 1918

1st   wife of Elbert Minter,  Dau. of Margaret and Benjamin Botner, mother of Theodore Minter and Virginia Minter.


Amanda Ella Botner

Jan. 3 1882

Sept. 13, 1956

Dau. of  Margaret and Benjamin Botner.

Ella never married.


John (Yerker) E. Botner

Dec. 3 1870

Oct. 19 1961

Son of Margaret and Benjamin Botner. Husband of Mattie McQueen Botner.

His 2nd  wife was Della Lynch.


Mattie Botner

June 6, 1883


1st wife of Yerker John Botner.  Dau. of Samuel E. and Phoebe A. Parsons McQueen.


Orville Botner

May 22, 1916

May 22, 1916

In the same row with Yerker and Mattie.  May have been their son. 


Willie Botner


Sept. 22, 1908

Nov. 18, 1908

Son of Mattie and Yerker John Botner.


Hiram Botner

Dec 3 1878

Feb. 27 1928

Son of Margaret and Benjamin Botner, Husband of Sudie Smith Botner, Two of Hiram and Sudie’s daughters are not buried here—Irene in Dayton, OH., Monjoy in Lexington Cem. Lexington, KY


Sudie Botner

Aug.  11, 1881

Dec. 25,  1940

Wife of Hiram Botner (not buried in the old section next Hiram-but in a newer section above these rows of graves)

Dau. of Hurm and Edna Roberts Smith.


Vernon Botner

June 10, 1901

Mar. 8, 1930

Son of Sudie and Hiram Botner.  Never married.  Served as a Page in U.S. Congress during Woodrow Wilson Adm.  Died from a ruptured appendix. Buried in newer section by his mother.


Rasom Botner

June 24, 1849


6, 1916

Son of  James & Elizabeth Nunley Botner,  husband of Armine Ketchum


Armine Botner

Oct. 28,


Nov. 19 1909

Wife of Ransom Botner, Dau. of George & Susan Miller Ketchum.  Thought to be part Indian.


George Martin Botner


11,  1880

Nov. 19, 1972

Husband of Fannie Jackson Botner, Son of Ransom and Armine Botner.  A minister


Fannie Botner

June 21, 1889

July 19, 1967

Wife of George Botner (double stone)

Dau.  Rufus & Margaret E. Isaacs Jackson.


Rufus  Botner

Dec. 11 1915

Jan. 31 1987

Son of George & Fannie Botner.  Husband of Ellein Hogan,  Pvt. U. S. Army , World War II


Mary Frances



Nov. 12, 1865

Sept. 18 1893

Dau. of Margaret and Benjamin Botner,  3rd  wife of Jeremiah Ketchum.  Died of T. B.,  Parents of 4 children: Edna, Margaret, Ben, and Susie. Jeremiah Ketchum is the bro.  of Armine Ketchum.  His place of burial is unknown.


Matilda Botner

Dec. 27 1813

Aug. 22 1886

Wife of Elias (Doc) Botner.  Parents unknown—maiden name given is Asbury-research done by M. Stamper, Ky. Hist. Soc. in 1980’s for Dot Kuhlum.


Elias Botner

May 18 1812

Feb. 25, 1887

Known as “Doc” Botner.  Son of Joseph Botner, Jr.  Nephew of James Botner, 1st cousin of Ben, Isaac, and other Botner bros. & sisters. Stones of both Elias & Matilda are broken.


Matilda Flannery

May 4 1846

Feb. 9 1874

1st   wife of Robert Martin Flannery, Dau.  of  Elias and Matilda Botner. New stone placed there by L.T.F.—(son, Leonard Thacker Flannery)


Maretta (Minter)

Feb. 1 1851

Sept. 15 1868

Stone says dau. of  J. (John) S. (Silas) and L. (Louisa (Matilda Hampton) Minter.   Full names found In my FTM file.


Gentry Neeley

May 2, 1920

Sept. 2, 1973

Double stone wife Pauline still living?

Son of McKinley & Ollie Tirey Neeley, served in Army/AirForce WWII.


Cynthia E. Botner

May 26, 1839

Nov. 1 1895

1st wife of Wesley A. Botner, Dau.  of    W.P. and Mary Bailey Minter. Born in VA.  One son, Elroy b. in TN. Grave marked with a rock beside Cynthia.


 Ballard N. Minter

 April 1871

May 1938

Husband of Margaret McQueen Minter,

Son of Charles E. & Elizabeth J. Botner Minter


Margaret E. McQueen Minter



Wife of Ballard Minter, dau. of Samuel E. and Phoebe Parsons McQueen


Clara Minter



Dau. of Margaret and Ballard Minter.  Wife of Homer “Slim”  Miller


Homer “Slim” Miller



Husband of Clara Minter.  Served in WW I as Pvt in U. S. Army, No children


John S. Minter

May 1829

April 8, 1886

Husband of Louisa (Matilda )Hampton,

Son of W. P.  & Mary Bailey Minter.


Louisa Minter

Feb. 1 1831

Oct. 23 1914

Wife of John (Silas) Minter, dau. of Hamilton Brown &  Rebecca Flannery Hampton


Dewey Botner

Aug. 10, 1899

April 2, 1981

Husband of Grace Price Botner, Son of Hiram & Sudie Smith Botner. 


Grace Price Botner

Aug. 1 1901

May 22, 1995

Wife of Dewey Botner, Dau. of Harvey & Sarah Elizabeth Bowman Price


Benjamin Howard Botner

May 30 1922

Feb. 9, 1995

 A memorial stone has been placed for Ben in this cemetery and Ben is buried in Adamsville Cemetery, Coleman, FLA. near where he lived.  The following is written on the stone: Son of Dewey & Grace Price Botner, Husband of   Annette Graham Botner, Father of Gidget, Debbie and Jennifer Botner. Brother of Wayne E. Botner. 


Fannie Becknell

Jan. 16, 1897

Dec. 21 1993

Dau. of John W. & Jerushia Alice Evans Becknell, Sister of Martha Becknell Botner.


Martha Botner

Dec 16, 1891

July 22, 1982

Wife of Henry Botner and sister of Fannie Becknell, dau. of John W. & Jerushia Becknell, Double stone w/ Henry


Henry Botner

July 21, 1884

Oct. 25, 1972

Husband of Martha Becknell Botner, Son of Wallace H. & Martha Hundley Botner.  Wallace was the son of Isaac & Sarah Harber Botner.


Mattie Lynch

Sept. 26, 1900

Oct. 30, 1980

Wife of Holbert Lynch, Dau. of William & Louvisa Caudill Botner.  Mother of Blackwell, Harold, & Wanda Lee Lynch.


Holbert Lynch

Dec. 2, 1898

June 15, 1972

Husband of Mattie Botner, Son of Charles Benton (Bent) & Laura Newman Lynch, Double stone w/Mattie


McKinley Neeley

Dec. 2, 1928

Dec. 27


Son of  Leonard & Martha  Bell Neeley

Husband of Audrey Brandenburg.


Audrey Neeley

July 3 1945


Name on double stone with McKinley She is still living.


Leonard Neeley

July 14, 1894

Sept. 4, 1991

Husband of Martha Bell Neeley, son of Jesse & Martha Peters Neeley.


Martha Neeley

Sept. 12 1895

Dec. 24,


Wife of Leonard Neeley, dau. Lazarus & Mary Elizabeth Rowland Bell.


David L. Bowman



Son of Kathleen Bowman & unknown partner


Kathleen Minter

Feb 22 1917

Sept. 21, 1976

Wife of Theodore Minter, dau. of David F. & Margaret (Maggie) Caudill Bowman.


Theodore Minter

Feb. 6,


May 30, 1970

1st  husband of  Evelyn Hartsock, husband of Kathleen Minter, son of Elbert & Vivia Botner


Matilda E. Cecil

Mar. 10, 1882

Dec. 26, 1966

Wife of Charley Cecil, Dau. of Charles E. & Elizabeth J. Botner Minter.  Matilda was a member of Eastern Star.


Charlie Cecil

April 28, 1877

Oct. 9, 1958

Husband of Matilda E. Minter Cecil, Son of Samuel M. & Mary Watts Cecil.


Donald E. Pierson

Aug. 9, 1964

Feb. 18, 1984

Son of Sarah Kathleen “Toonie” Madden Pierson.


Charles Clay Pierson



Marked with a Booneville Funeral Home Marker


Samuel E. McQueen

Mar. 6


Dec. 16, 1912

Husband of Phoebe Parsons McQueen, Son of Elias and Susan McQueen.


Phoebe A.  Parsons McQueen

May 4, 1844


Sept. 20, 1886

Wife of Samuel E. McQueen Dau. of Edward and Margaret Jones Parsons