Owsley County Veteran’s Memorial




William Claude Becknell       Born 9/4/1893 Died 10/4/1918 s/o John Lazarus & Sarah Hundley Becknell

                                                Pvt. 34th Engineers

          Buried St. Mihiel American Cem., Thiau Court, France    


Grant Brewer                         Born ca 1899 s/o John C. & Nancy Venable Brewer

                                                Co I 3rd Ohio Inf. NG

                                                Buried Tackett Cem, Travellers Rest


*McKinley Duff                      Born 10/1896 s/o William & Rachel Moore Duff

                                                Buried Henry Gabbard Cem.


Thomas Flemming                  A Thomas Flemming is listed on ABMC enlisting from Kentucky

          PVT 313th Quartermaster Labor Battalion Died 1/18/1919

          Buried Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardenois, France

          A Thomas Maghee Fleming born ca 1893 in Evansville, In. s/o

          Robert E. & Catherine Cain Fleming married Mary A. Pryse Sutton

          on 4/24/1920 in Lee County Kentucky. 

          A connection to Owsley County has not been established.


Chester Gilbert                       Born 9/15/1897 Died 9/26/1917  s/o Abraham & Elizabeth Baker Gilbert

                                                Pvt. Co. I 152nd Inf.

          Buried Lucy Angel Cem., Perry Co.


Samuel Hicks                          Born ca 1897 s/o Mary Hicks, stepson/o Albert Gabbard

                                                Pvt. Co H 7th Inf.

          Buried in Henry Gabbard Cem., Essau, Owsley Co.


Michael Riley                         Born 5/1895 Died 10/15/1918  s/o Henry & Ibbie Woods Riley

                                                PVT 7th Inf. 3rd Div.

                                                Buried Meuse-Argonne American Cem., Romagne, France


William R. Robinson              Born 1895 s/o William B. & Lucy Robinson

                                                Born at Levi, registered at Vincent


Zack Wilson                           Born 3/15/1895 Died 7/29/1918 s/o Theopholis & Martha Rowlette Wilson

                                                Co. F 167th Inf.

                                                Buried William T. Becknell Cem., Bowman Fork, Sturgeon, Owsley Co.

                                                (Also known as Rowlette-Barker Cem.)




Clarence Amis                        Born 11/3/1922 Died 10/11/1945 s/o Alfred & Nancy McIntosh Amis

                                                T SGT Air Corp

                                                Buried in Henry Gabbard Cem., Essau, Owsley Co.


*Clyde Baker                         Born 4/7/1925 Died 9/30/1945 s/o Charlie (Fox) and Isabelle (Ibby) Bowling Baker

                                                PVT Engineer

                                                Buried Cortland Cem., Indian Creek, Owsley Co.


Fred Baker                             Born 4/17/1916 Died 10/20/1944  s/o John & Ollie Daniel Baker

                                                PFC 34th Inf.

                                                Buried in Henry Gabbard Cem., Essau, Owsley Co.


Harlan Baker                         Born 5/4/1925 Died 6/14/1944 s/o John & Malinda Mosley Baker

                                                PVT 116th Inf., 29th Div

          Buried Cortland Cem., Indian Creek, Owsley Co.


Hobert Baker                         Born 3/28/1921 Died 4/8/1945 s/o Arthur & America Burns Baker

                                                Pvt 149th Inf. Reg. 38th Inf. Div.

          Bur. Manila American Cem., Manila, Philippines


Harold Barrett                        Born 8/30/1925 Died 10/26/1945 s/o Richard “Willie” & Ettie B. Osborne Barrett

                                                Seaman 2nd C USNR Killed in the Philippines on USS Samuel B. Roberts

                                                Buried at sea, Tablets of Missing at Manila American Cem.,

                                                Manila, Philippines


Everett Becknell                     Born 9/16/1916 Died 11/18/1944 s/o Leonard & Mary Brandenburg Becknell


                                                Buried Kash Brandenburg Cem., Booneville, Owsley Co.


Charles Bowles                      Born 4/2/1924 Died3/25/1943 s/o Fannie Mae Bowles

                                                T 5

          Buried Griffith Cem., Owsley Co.


Charlie Bowman                    Born ca 1915 s/o Green & Rosella Jackson Bowman


                                                Buried Bowman Cem., Hwy 30 E, Booneville, Owsley Co.


Lester Callahan                      Born 9/25/1925 Died 11/1943 s/o William & Tisha Marshall Callahan


                                                Buried Gabbard Cem., Ricetown, Owsley Co.


Hays Campbell                       Died 10/24/1944 s/o Frank & Audrey Combs Campbell

                                                CPL 17th Ordnance Co., POW in 1943

                                                Tablets of Missing at Manila American Cem., Manila, Philippines


Roy Campbell                         Born 8/8/1911 Died 6/19/1944 s/o Elijah & Louise Campbell, h/o Ena McIntosh per Obit

                                                Pvt 9th Inf Div

          Buried Combs-Campbell Cem., Scoville, Owsley Co.


Bernie Cole                             Born 8/10/1925 Died 12/19/1944 s/o Martha Cole, stepson/o Sam Smith

                                                 Pvt 356th Inf 87th Div

                                                Buried Murrell Cem., Owsley Co.


*Earnest Combs                     Born 6/2/1921 Died 1/2/1945 s/o Joseph Combs b/o Junior Combs

                                                Pvt 51st Armored Inf., 4th Armored Div

                                                Buried Gabbard Cem., Ricetown, Owsley Co.                          


Orlie C. Combs                      Incorrectly listed as Arlie C. Combs on monument. 

                                                Born ca 1919 Died 7/31/1943 s/o Samuel & Martha “Mattie” Combs

                                                2nd Lt. US Army 133rd Inf. Reg., 34th Inf. Div.

                                                Buried North Africa American Cemetery, Carthage, Tunisia


Paul W. Couch                       Born 6/14/1922 Died 3/24/1945 s/o Walter & Mary Bishop Couch

                                                PFC 149th Inf 38th Inf Div

                                                Buried American Manila Cem., Manila, Philippines


Blaine Edwards                      Born 4/7/1916 Died 1/30/1944 s/o Hugh & Sudie Singleton Edwards

                                                T 5 68th Coast Artillery, US ARMY

                                                Buried Sicily-Rome American Cem., Nettuno, Italy


Robert P. Edwards                 Born 9/10/1919 Died 6/16/1945 s/o Leonard & Gracie Durham Edwards, h/o Rose Hensley

                                                SGT 1347th AAF BU

                                                Buried National Cem., Oahu, Hawaii   


Thomas E. Elkins                   Born 2/28/1927 Died 3/12/1946 s/o Mose & Estelle Abshear Elkins

                                                Seaman 1C USS Spica

                                                Buried Kash Brandenburg Cem., Owsley Co.


Beech Gilbert                         Born 1/3/1921 Died 11/29/1944 s/o Ezekiel & Rosa Mosley Gilbert 


                                                Buried  Family Cem., Lucky Fork, Owsley Co.


Everett Hensley                      Born 2/24/1920 Died 6/2/1944 s/o Fielding & Nancy Fowler Hensley

                                                SGT. 847th Bomber Sq., 489th Bomber Grp.

                                                Buried Normandy American Cem., St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France


Fred Hensley                          Born 11/15/1925 Died 4/19/1945 s/o Robert & Fannie Tirey Hensley

                                                PFC 393rd Inf.

                                                Buried Turner-Bowman Cem., Owsley Co.


Dorrell Holcomb                     Born 1/28/1912 s/o William. Abner & Flora B. Combs Holcomb


                                                Buried Holcomb Cem. (next to Pendergrass Cem.), Levi, Owsley Co.   


Ray B. Holcomb                     Born 8/15/1924 s/o William & Nancy Hale Holcomb


Woodard Johnson                  Woodrow “Woody”  Johnson the s/o Clifton & Sophia Johnson.

                                                PFC USMC


Lyman Kendrick                     S/o Benjamin Franklin & Eliza Jane Estes Kendrick

                                                Buried Germany


Willie Lyle McDaniel             Born 12/8/1917  s/o John & Rhoda Jane Moore McDaniel, h/o Hester Marshall

                                                PVT 47th Inf

                                                Buried Henry Gabbard Cem, Essau, Owsley Co.


Park McIntosh                       Born 11/10/1922 s/o Harlan & Ruth Cook McIntosh

                                                PFC 32nd Inf

                                                Buried Henry Gabbard Cem, Essau, Owsley Co.


Harry Mays                            Born ca 1923 s/o Hubert & Malvery Burch Mays


William W. Mays                   Born ca 1911 s/o Cal & Dora Campbell Mays 


Luther Morris                         Born ca 1906 s/o Jerry & Sarah J. Morris Morris



William T. Pendergrass         Born 9/22/1926 Died 2/15/1945 s/o Thomas M. & Mary Sizemore Pendergrass

                                                Seaman 1st Class USNR

                                                Buried at sea, Tablets of Missing, Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii



Ellis Peters                             Born 4/21/1923 Died 12/1/1943 s/o Edgar & Lizzie Becknell Peters

                                                PFC 179th QM Bakery Co.

                             Buried American Cem., Carthage, Tunisia


George E. Rogers                  Born 3/26/1921 Died 4/16/1945  s/o Nick E. & Mattie Strong Rogers

                                                CPL KY Inf.

                                                Buried Strong Cem., Big Springs Rd, Green Hall, Owsley Co.


*George W. Scott                   Born 2/9/1916 Died 12/7/1941 s/o Palmer & Grace Botner Scott

                                                SK 2nd C USN

                                                Killed on USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor

                                                Buried in Winchester, Clark Co., KY.


Lucian Finley Scott                Born 1/22/1906 Died 4/29/1944 s/o Charles E. & Paralee Marcum Scott

                                                PFC QM Corps

                                                Buried Scott-Clark Cem, Big Springs Rd., Green Hall, Owsley Co.


Virgil Sebastian                      Born 10/1922 Died 8/1942 s/o Ed “Ned” & Ellen McIntosh Sebastian

                                                T 5, Ordinance Dept., POW

                                                Buried Kash Brandenburg Cem., Owsley Co.


Elwood Taylor                        Born 2/13/1908 Died 2/8/1945 s/o Charles & Dora Bowman Taylor

                                                PFC 149th Inf.

                                                Buried Dean Cem., Lerose, Owsley Co.


Ray Terry                               Born 8/11/1912 s/o George & Lizzie Gross Terry


                                                Buried Lerose Cem., Owsley Co.                


*Robert C. Wagner                Listed on NARA Died 5/12/1944

                                                T/SGT 548th Bomb Sq., 385th Bomber Group

                                                Buried Netherlands American Cem., Margraten, Netherlands

                                                Connection to Owsley County has not been established.

                                                Possibly the Robert C. Wagoner listed as age 10 on the 1930

                                                Pike Co., KY census s/o Edward & Gladys Wagoner.

                                                NOTE:   Rand McNally lists a community named Owsley in Pike Co., KY.


William Warren                     “Willie Joe” Born ca 1907 s/o John & Julia Young Warren



Joseph Wilder                        Born 10/12/1922 Died 2/8/1945 s/o Hobert & Ethel Herald Wilder

                                                PVT 149th Inf.

                                                Buried Henry Gabbard Cem., Essau, Owsley Co.




Hershel Elmo Barrett             Born 3/24/1934 Died 3/31/1955 s/o George & Jennie Lynch Barrett

                                                A 2C 3rd  Shoran Beacon, SGAF

                                                Buried Nick Moore Cem., Lerose, Owsley Co.


John Roscoe Brewer              Born ca 1936  s/o Robert “Bob” & Emma Bowman Brewer

                                                3rd Armored Div.

                                                Buried Rowland-Bowman Cem. near Endee, Owsley Co.


Paul Gene Herald                   Died  8/27/1950 s/o Niece Hollond Herald

                                                PVT 5th Inf. 1st Batt.

                                                Buried Pendergrass Cem., Levi, Owsley Co.


*Charles E. Mahaffey            Born 9/15/1930 d 7/21/1950 s/o Charles Clay & Leatha Mae Botner Mahaffey

                                                CPL 34th Inf. 24th Inf. Div. (stone lst 31st Inf. 7th Div.)

                   Bur. Daniel Mainous Cem. Vincent, Owsley Co.


Ellis Marshall                         Born ca 1928 d 10/25/1951 s/o David & Suda Smith Marshall

                                                PFC US ARMY

                                                Body was not returned for burial

                                                A stone in memory of Ellis has been placed in the Chestnut Gap Cemetery


*Elmo Porter                          Born ca 1925 Died 9/22/1950 s/o Albert “Bud” & Bertie Mays Porter

                                                h/o Opal Smallwood

                                                SGT US ARMY

                                      Buried Porter Cem., Vincent, Owsley Co.


Archie Lee Reynolds              Born 7/22/1927 Died 4/4/1951 s/o Willie & Lillie Mae Treadway Reynolds

                                                PFC 27th Inf 25th Div.

                                                Buried Elihue Reynolds Cem., Cow Creek, Owsley Co.


Roscoe Lee Roberts               Robert Lee Roberts per NARA

                                                Born 3/27/1930 Died 9/7 1951 s/o Rowland & Emily Terry Roberts

                                                PFC 35th Inf. 25th Div 




Verlin R. Brandenburg           Born 1/17/1947 Died 5/6/1967 s/o McKinley “Bill” & Martha Conrad Brandenburg

                                                PFC Com 1st Marine Div.

                                                 Buried Gabbard-Creech Cem, Travellers Rest, Ky


*Ronald Campbell                  Born 6/15/1948 Died 5/12/1970 s/o Ed. Jr. & Martha Rose Campbell

                                                PFC US ARMY 25th Inf.

                                                Buried  Campbell Cem., Booneville, KY.


Gary Lee Evans                      Born 11/12/1948 Died 9/3/1969 s/o Edd & Bertie Hall Evans

                                                SGT 101st Airborne

                                                Buried Elmer Evans Cem., Pebworth, Owsley Co.


Thomas J. Gabbard               Born 9/16/1948 Died 9/28/1969 s/o Brown & Reva Vires Gabbard

                                                SGT Co. C 11th Inf 5th Div.

                                                Buried Cow Creek Presbyterian Church Cem, Owsley Co.


Lonnie C. Gibson                   Born 6/9/1939 s/o Charlie & Virginia Rose Gibson


                                                Buried at sea, Navy plane crash


Estill McIntosh                       Born 3/24/1939 Died 5/10/1970 s/o Callie McIntosh Reynolds

                                                SFC US ARMY MACV Advisors

                                                Buried Reynold/Treadway Cem., Cow Creek, Owsley Co.


Ronald McIntosh                    Born 6/14/1948 Died 2/23/1969 s/o Mitchell & Laura Sizemore McIntosh

                                                PFC US Marines

                                                Buried Kash Brandenburg Cem., Owsley Co.


Clayton Middleton                  Born 9/26/1945 Died 3/18/1967 s/o Bentley & Julie Allen Middleton

                                                SP 4 Co B Bn 5th Cav

                                                Buried Taylor-Shepherd Cem., Left Fork, Island Crk, Owsley Co.


Ralph E. Peters                      Born 12/12/1947 Died 2/12/1968  s/o Taylor & Edna Peters

                                                SP 4  US ARMY 25th Inf.

                                                Buried Gibson-Moore Cem, Cow Creek, Owsley Co., KY



The original names were taken from the memorial at the courthouse in Booneville. 

Names with an * were submitted by individuals or were located on another source.