Smith-Price Cemetery  Travellers Rest





Vincent Price Property

Travellers Rest



Transcribed by:

Judy V. Spencer

& Glenna V. Burton




Nov. 10, 2006








Clay Smith

Feb. 7, 1878

Mar. 1,


1st husband of Sarah Jane Botner, Son of Henry Clay & Mary (Polly) Roberts  Smith


Sarah Jane Smith Hamilton

Dec.  22,


Nov.  11,


Wife of Clay Smith, dau. of William & Louvisa Caudill Botner, 2nd wife of Andy Hamilton-buried Tyner, KY


Mary “Polly” Roberts Smith


No date

Dau. of William and Celia Phillips Roberts,  wife of Henry Clay Smith


Henry Clay Smith

Mar. 10, 1844

Jan. 3, 1919

Husband of Mary “Polly” Roberts, Son of Richard & Margaret Evans Smith


Joie Sue Wilson

Sept. 25, 1934

Sept. 26, 1934

Dau. of Joe & Sarah Bowles Wilson


Jeff & Teresa Price

Dec. 8’ 1979

Dec. 8,  1979

Twins of Paul Ray and Kyong Price


Vincent Price

June 24 1923

Aug. 31. 1992

Husband of Wilma Jean Hamilton Price, Son of Charles & Ethel Combs Price.  Double stone with Wilma Jean Hamilton Price


Wilma J. Price

Sept. 10, 1928

Feb. 26, 2008

Adopted dau. of  Andy & Sarah Jane Botner Smith Hamilton


Samuel P. Metcalf

July 28 1871

April 8 1939

Husband of Lula Smith, Son of Norris &  Henrietta Metcalf


Lula Smith

Mar. 1, 1881

Dec. 11, 1922

Wife of Samuel P. Metcalf, dau. of Henry Clay & Mary “Polly” Roberts Smith.  1st wife of John (Yerker) Botner-divorced